As soon as this picture popped up, I went "Awwwwwwwwh!!"

You're puppy is very cute!

I also like the textures in the photo. Very nice shot!
Hello and welcome to TPF.

Cute pooch.
Now there's a face you could never say no to! Good job.
cheers guys, could i get some more advice though...is there some ways that i could improve the shot?
Welcome to the forum. And that is one C-U-T-E puppy! To improve, maybe a square crop, but honestly that face just makes everything else irrelevant. It's all I focus on. But the waisted space on each side and the table legs could get cropped out. JMO
Such an amazingly cute picture ! :mrgreen: Looks like a bright day too, so you did very well to avoid harsh shaddows on the little guy :thumbup:

Like jstuedle said, maybe try a few different crops, but that is one lovely capture ! :)
You took the shot from a nice low perspective which always improves this kind of capture - good work!

It's all too easy to become so enthralled with the adorable subject that we are blind to the background/surrounding detail. Try to set up a scenario that doesn't detract from the subject. Not always possible, of course, for candid captures. If the background is unavoidably busy, crop tight.

Another technique to try is the use of fill flash to get those lovely catch lights in the eyes. Try the on-board flash and dial in a bit of - flash EV. Experiment with different amounts of -flash EV until you get a feel for it. A shoe-mount flash or even better, an off camera flash improves on this technique dramatically.

Check out this site for some valuable information regarding the use of creative flash/strobe work.


You're off to a great start and it just gets better from here!
I agree with ChickenFriedRyce -
Great shot! Adorable puppy!

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