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May 15, 2003
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Gilbert, AZ
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I am going to shoot 2 36 exposure rolls of Portra 400 for a Bengal breeder. I wanted to push one roll to 1600 for some nice action shots. These are only going to be used for the website...

One regular for finer grain. Perhaps a slightly larger print from that roll. I'm using window light for back and ambient light and a 500w silver reflected light (daylight balanced no 80a). I'm not sure if I'll even need to go to 1600 until I see the available light.

Any thoughts?
... my first question would be why you wish to push a 400 film to 1600 and not actually use 1600 film?

You can expect a large increase in grain, possible colour shifts and extra processing costs associated with the 2-stop push

Pushing/pulling film is often used when caught in a bind, or for special affects when using B&W

With colour negative film, I've had some nice results using Fujicolor Superia 1600

I'm not actually recommending that particular film - but here's the TECHNICAL DATA in a handly.pdf format should you be interested


yeah. i agree with e_. Unless you have the film already, and REALLY do not have money to send on another roll. I would buy 1600 speed film.

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