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Pushing the M4/3 to the limits with hummers


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Feb 7, 2013
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Atlanta, GA, USA
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I've been trying and trying to nail these hummingbirds. The lighting isn't optimal, but then again, it's rarely optimal with a micro four thirds sensor. I've been pushing the camera limits, trying to get the exposure, correct motion blur with the wings, and also sharpness with minimal noise. It's been very difficult to get desirable results.

Here's what I came up with.
I,d say you did a terrific job!
Pretty much nailed it in my eyes. Maybe a wee bit faster shutter for more wing detail?

Thank you!
I tried faster shutter speeds, they just weren't sharp results :). This was 1/1250, which I thought would have a mostly frozen with a little motion blur. I agree though, there is quite a bit of blur in the wings for 1/1250, and I'm not sure why the right wing looks cut off. Maybe it's folded back and not visible.

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