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Mar 29, 2016
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Whenever I post to FB I always use my Android tablet to double check the quality and color. For some reason yesterday when I tried to post some images they're sharp when viewing on a computer screen, but looking at them on either my phone, my tablet or my wife's tablet, the quality is terrible. Finally uploaded to a Flickr album and shared the album. No problems with that approach, everything as it should be. Nothing I'm doing is any different than I've done forever. Tried changing the resolution, but that didn't have any effect. Anyone else come across this laterly????
its most likely a codec issue.

And how the website in particularly works with it all. No big deal really in the end as you found a method that works with the problem.

Its alot easier to see in cell phone photos... do a 100% zoom photo on something thats 10 feet away and then look at it on your pc

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