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Brian L

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Nov 4, 2007
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Ok when I take a picture with my fujifilm s700 it is suppose to save it right as a jpeg file on to the sd card. Well when I pull the sd card out of the camera and put it in my sd card slot on my laptop, transfer over the photo's from the sd card to my folder so i can resize them and what not. Well all the files say there are quicktime picture format instead of saying they are jpeg.

Not only that but lets say I open the picture in paint shop pro 9. Do my resizing and what not then save the file as a jpeg. Well even after I do the file save as jpeg and go view the file in its new folder it still says its a quicktime formate instead of jpeg.

Any body know whats going on here? Thanks for you help if you can....
Perhaps your computer is setup so that JPG's are handled by quicktime, and is therefore showing you QT icons.

Having no idea what type of PC you have, or any experience, this is just a SWAG.

Yeah I think your right. When I opend the picture in paint shop pro and viewed the information on the picture it did say it was a jpeg. So figured out it was a jpeg just can't figure out why my computer is assocaiting it with quicktime. O well I know atleast its a jpeg for sure. Thanks for your help. Maybe its time for a reformate on the pc. Its been a year so probley time for lol.. Thanks again for the help.
Hey Brian,

It's probably the file associations you have set up for Quick time.
(I'm assuming you are running a PC here.. if you are running a mac... disregard this)

Try the following
1) Open the control panel
2) Right click on the quick time icon in the control panel and select options
3) Select the "file types" tab at the top
4)Click on the "+" next to "images - still image files" (This will expand the list of image files that are associated with Quick time
5) If you no longer want quick time to be your default jpeg viewer, unselect the box next to "jpeg image"

NOTE***** Next time you double click on a jpeg to open, you will be prompted to create an association for all your jpegs.

Hope that helps... feel free to private msg me if you have questions.
Yea I think Anorien's got the fix. You can also pull up Windows Explorer, right-click and select "Open With". From there select whatever package you want. I'm a huge fan of PhotoShop but a great free software is Pacas by Google.
All those years of being geek are finally paying off :clap:
everyone got it. Quicktime is your default jpeg viewer.
anorien nice
LOL too many years of doing helpdesk work (although some of the calls were absolutely priceless) :lol:

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