Question about lens used in Carl Warner's foodscapes


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Feb 3, 2012
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Hey guys! Im new here so I apologize in advance if similar questions have already been posted. Lately Ive been quite interested in the work of photographer Carl Warner, mostly known for his foodscapes. There is one picture which really caught my attention and im wondering: which lens should be used in order to achieve this (besides post-production, etc.). im quite new to this kind of photographs..

Thanks in advance :)

here is the photo im talking about:

im assuming it's either a high quality macro lens, probably wide angle


it's all put together in photoshop
thank you marmots! so you think it will be more like a fisheye-lens? do you happen to have any recommendations? i use a canon.
maybe a 15 mm f/2.8? i also think he shots in layers and then blend them together cause every single detail in this shot is sharp..
i dont think it was a fisheye lens because
a) it has not distortion of strait lines
b) most of them are too wide angle for that

im thinking more of a medium telephoto i guess like this
At a guess a 2 stage process:

1) Wide angle or telephoto to capture the initial landscape photo which will form the base of the final work

2) A macro lens to capture the detail shots of each of the items of food (or small sets of food)

Then he imposes the food shots over the landscape shot and blends them together to get the final effect of the "foodscape". Experience and study might also allow him to just us the macro lens to craft totally imaginary landscapes made of food, thus voiding the need for a base landscape scene to work from.

looking at the example there - one can see where the waters edge meets the beach that there is some rippling effect. Either that is part of the imposition and blending of the salmon over the sea to get the final shot or its a totally edited effect of salmon to make a totally artificial scene.

However the approach a lot of editing goes in in these composites.
I'd guess quite a wide angle lens at f/22. I've been using a Tamron 11-18mm at 11mm for shots of my model railroad creations. This shot of an HO scale (1:87 scale) enginehouse. From one end to the other is 10 inches.

Rail - I did a bit of searching and I'm not sure - I think these foodscapes are more composites than they are food constructs and then photos of them. I might be totally wrong and it could be his choice of editing after creates the illusion - but to me several of his works appeared more composite photoshop work.
Railphotog - nice photo! :)

overread - its actually a mix. i have seen behind-the-scene shots and he does indeed build whole landscapes out of food and sometimes the sizes are enormous. little details such as a boat made of vegetables he then shots separately and then blends the two images together in photoshop.

in the following picture he shot the cheese mountains separately and then printed them out as a huge wallpaper to be put behind the second food composition.

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