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Jan 27, 2004
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Does anyone know of some sort of add-in that will disallow people from right-clicking photos in the gallery to save and/or get the properties of the image for posting elsewhere?
The only protection you have in all reality is lo-res images can't be blown up for a very decent size print but even still they can screen capture, do a crop and save it as jpg and they can upload and use it as their own.

The only real protection is to not use your images online, but what fun is that.
markc said:
There are tricks you can try with Javascript, but there's no real way to prevent this. Even if you use Flash, someone can just do a screen capture.

We had a thread about this a while ago.
It can be done but you need to be familiar with SMIL, delivering your flash via RealMedia and using UDP rather than HTTP. This prevents caching and doesnt show up in a screen capture - you get a blank player screen.
Last of all, you need to encrypt your html - this is free script on the web, but only works for IE browser.

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