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Mar 7, 2006
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manchester england
hi, I'm a new member and all that stuff, greetings etc.

I own a polaroid instant camera amongst others and am not very well educated on i or photography in general, it is a one600. The question is; can you get black and white film for it? if so what spec film? and where from? also does anyone know of any cheap(ish) places to get film from for one?

thanks :wink:
Just for you, newbie, because your greeting and your cool avatar made me laugh. :D

Check out great info here and then you might shop around for the best deal. If you type in Polaroid film on a search, you'll see literally dozens of places to purchase it. However, for the best technical information on the film and your camera, the Polaroid site is a great resource.

I love Polaroid film and all the fun things that can be done with it. Come see me and some other Polaroid freaks in the Alternative forum here!

And welcome to TPF. :thumbup:
thanks, I like polaroid too, just the way it is framed and the pics always seem to look nicer and like you were having more fun than you really were lol
No problem! :)

Hey, I have come across old Polaroids taken of my siblings and me many, many moons ago - and I am astonished at how great the colors still look. I don't know how much fun we were having, ;) BUT! Polaroid film is awesome stuff.

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