Question about "upgrading" my camera.


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Sep 11, 2011
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I currently have a D5100 and have been using it for the past two years. Over these two years I've evolved my skills obviously and just for fun I've been looking at possibly upgrading maybe to a d7000 for the weather sealing. I saw a D200 and I really liked it but im questioning it. It seems about equal to my D5100 considering it is pretty old but it's only about $250. What do you think about getting one of these? I love the weather sealing on it and durability. I'm just wondering how the iso sensitivity stacks up.
I'd go with the D7000 hands down...

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Hum...what do you shoot?

The D200 & D7000 are both weather sealed but the D200 is way more robust. The D200 has a faster shutter speed which is nice for sports and wildlife. The D7000 on th other hand shoots movies, has live view, and better image quality. The D7000 has a lot more going for it but if you really need a quality robust DX camera, I would look into a D300.
Mainly sports and some photojournalism. And I like the D300 and I'm not at all worried about the movies or even live view. Thanks for your opinion!
Use this for basic comparison


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A D200 is worth about $250. In good light, and at base ISO, the D200 is still "okay". The D7000 on the other hand, has wider dynamic range and better color. You might like the better viewfinder of the D200 over that of the D5100.
D200 is an 8 year old veteran which is like canturies in tech years, I wouldnt bother getting it.
If you can afford the D7000 then get it but if not I persoanlly would stay with the D5100.

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