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Feb 15, 2009
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I've seen those pictures of people leaving the shutter open on waterfalls and giving thewater that cool effect and also moving a lightaroung in a dark room and writing with it but how do tyou do it. Do I need to go into Av, Tv, or manuel mode. I tried to set Tv mode to 5" but then the picture as way to bright?
for silky water u normally need a neutral density filter, means less light coming in and u can use slower shutter speed maybe 1 sec and small aperture, like the pic in my avatar
Do it in a darker environ, use a smaller aperture, and an nd filter.
If you use Tv mode (Shutter Priority) you must keep an eye on the camera's meter, as it probably was indicating (flashing) that you have gone beyond the usable exposure.

Puyjapin mentions the usage of a Neutral Density filter ... this filter will reduce the amount of light entering the lens ... allowing you to use slower shutter speeds without over-exposing.

or shoot on very over-cast days (reduced lighting).
the longer the exposure the more silky it wil be until it becomes overexposd of course. if u want really silky use the smallest aperture, highest fstop. u will need to do all of this on a tripod as with slow shutters u will have too much movement hand held

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