Questions about cleaning D40 focus screen


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Aug 22, 2008
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I just bought a PhotoSol cleaning kit (Eclipse, swabs, pec-pads) online, but I forgot to specify that I needed E2, not Eclipse. I ordered some E2 and I'll be cleaning the AA filter once I get it.

I know that crud on the focusing screen doesn't affect photos, but it's bugging the heck out of me.

Question 1: Can I use Eclipse to clean my focusing screen? If not, can I use E2?

Question 2: I know how to access the focusing screen, but is it a tight fit that I won't accidentally put out of alignment or is it something that requires careful calibration?

Question 3: Does it get dirty at the top or the bottom of the focus screen? Both?
It's held in there pretty tight by a metal retention bracket. But there's no guarantee that any crud you are seeing is actually in a cleanable place. It could be on either side of the screen, or worse still on the pentamirror the cleaning of which would require dismantling the camera.

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