Questions regarding HDR with LX3 and "lx4"

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by marden, Nov 11, 2009.

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    I've found out that LX3 seems to be a nice camera for me... but the panasonic hotline told me that you cant use AEB (think they call it ABC) together with selftimer... so you can't take 3 pictures in a row only by pushing the button once, letting go of it and waiting for the 3 pictures to be taken... is that right?
    in that case... how are you supposed to make sharp HDR with that camera?
    if you're not supposed to shoot HDR with LX3, whats the point in the new firmware upgrade including +-3 ev in AEB/ABC mode?

    if the AEB function and selftimer doesn't work together in that way... what compact camera would you then suggest for me? I already looked at g11, and I need at least; a little zoom, wideangle, raw, aeb working with selftimer as written above with at least +- 2 ev and a decent lens speed/lens sharpness.

    do any of you know anything about lx4? when its released and what will be new in that camera? I've already googled it and checked the first 10 pages... so you dont have to post those or tell me the same rumors I've found there (it will be released between late 2009 and 3 quarter 2010, there will be a viewfinder and they might use the new 3/4 lenssystem)

    regards martin :)


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