Questions to Canon 10D users

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May 19, 2003
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Questions to Canon 10D users:

I’m thinking about upgrading for EOS 1 (first generation) to new 10D

Does the camera live up to the sale releases info?

Has the battery life and recharge time been an effect on shooting?

I shot mostly landscapes and baseball, does the camera work well when shooting action shots?

The technologically will be out dated in less then 3 years.
With desperation cost what live expectation should I expect?

Is there a lag time similar to D60 and D30?

What the largest print size @6 Megs should I expect to be able to get?
Hi All
I purchase a 10D back in april. mainly for studio use. The writing time is much better than its predecessors and it knocks the socks of an E20. I am getting about 172 shots to a 512 memory card and still had plenty of life in the battery. As far as performance goes, just remenber you can up the iso at the touch of a button from iso100 to iso 1600 giving a greater shutter speed for action. I have not printed much at the moment due to my printers is crap, but you will easily get A3. Will it be out of date in three years. It is now as they will be developing the next generation.
Buy it use it enjoy it
dave k
can you post some examples of photos taken at iso 100 vs 200 vs... etc.. 1600

i would like to see some real world examples to see how much noise is produced at the 1600 level
One of my friends just bought that camera several months ago. He is a studio and event photographer and loves it. Besides it being digital ( he does quick prints with a small sony printer 4x6 rolls to show the models, hosts) he likes the features in it. I will see if I can get him to show some of his stuff, I know he is doing the 26 things Challenge though. The only small knock I heard it during extremely long nightime exposure, not horrible just you get some pixels showing up wrong.

I thought i read somewhere you can go higher then iso1600 but you have to really dive into the menus to achieve that. I also heard PS7 does not like the RAW format of the Cannon 10D, or atleast there is not a plugin for it at this time.

Dpreview has a good review on it.
I purchased the 10D, around the first week of July, originally I was going to wait till fall, so far I have been very happy with it, taken about 900 shoot, all shoot at 6mp, When with the 10D because of fps; D60 & D30 have poor reviews about lag time between pushing shutter button & recording; price of D60 & D30 on eBay to high

If anyone wants to download a few photos to make TEST PROOFS that OK with me

Canon 10D Samples
I have recently got the 10d, and i love it. I shoot a lot of action photography, and this was the perfect digital to get me started for cheap. I use the higher ISO's alot also, because i am indoors most of the time, and there is very little noise at the higher ISO's like 1600, it is more noticable at 3200, but still good enough to print.

And there is barely any menu shuffling to turn it to 3200, you just have to turn the option on in the first place, and you can switch to it just as easily as switching to 200

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