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Nov 13, 2021
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Hi everyone

can anyone suggest me a place (or someone) who could "eye ball" the value of some equipment I have ? I found someone who would buy it and I would like to know roughly what I could sell it for.
The equipment is made by the following items:

1) Yashica Macro Medical 100mm F4 DX + Medical 100 DC Pack f. Contax / Yashica
2) Zeiss Ikon Contarex Microscope Camera
3) additional flash holder + connector
4) leather casing/bag

both camera and lens are functional although they have signs of wear. The glass is not scratched. Overall cleaning is probably recommended but both items are in good shape.
thanks for any advice
Not a very common item and would be difficult to value. From what little I see on ebay and lack of sold items, I wouldn't expect anything north of $200 US for the lot, heck, I'd take a $100 and be elated. If someone is offering you more than that, I would probably take it. I am not an expert but I suspect this very specialized equipment is in low demand. I can only imagine how many got tossed as technology has ended this products life cycle some time ago.

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