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Feb 21, 2007
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gave another stab at hdr, just because i had three images of the same scene (just starting out photoshoot, so i was testing exposures). the three images had two overexposed ones and one correct one (the third, after which i stopped adjusting the settings :) ) so i guess i immediately started out wrong, haha. but after lots of tweaking in photomatix and photoshop i got something i liked ... how about you?

Good image, Ernie, although I would like to see some detail in the shadows, I would go back and play around with some of sliders in your hdr software so that the darks aren't so mucky looking.
I think this is a great shot - very strong from a composition standpoint, plenty of interest in the photo. I wouldn't notice that it was HDR personally but then again I have never considered HDR in B&W.

Nice shot tough -
thanks for the replies! i might re-edit this shot later and may or may not try to get some more details in the shadows, but i like it this way. more darkness adds more mood to the shot i find.
Compositionally it's very strong, very interesting work... it needs somebody standing on the platform though to give it context, otherwise it's just a road that leads off into nowhere.

Don't bother mucking with the shadows, you have a great result as-is from that perspective... but see if you can return and have a friend just stand in the middle of the platform, looking off into space.

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