Random Car Interior Photos...(2 Pictures)...

David A

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Aug 17, 2005
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Been a little while since I have posted...hope you all like it...:)


It's been done 1000's of times...I know...:)

You were PARKED while you took these? Especially the last?
Hmph :(

Just kidding!
You better were.

I once had my daughter take a pic of my speedometer when I was going fast - well, what feels fast to me. But I no longer know where that photo is.

I quite like the use of available light in the first.
LaFoto said:
I quite like the use of available light in the first.

I must second that, but I wish the mid section wasn't that blurry, thou I understand that it was your DOF idea. You did well under bad light condition, IMO.
Thanks everyone...:)

Yes, I was quite parked...;)

The lighting was compliments of the car's interior dome lighting...talk about working with nothing! :(
Random indeed, but I love them. Especially how the second one glows.
heyyyy where ya beeen?! long time

neat pics! very awesome pov on that first one :) thanks for sharing!
Haha...thanks everyone.

Mansi...I know, I've been really busy with school and work...:(

For me, I wasn't really crazy about the "camera angle" in each of them...I'm never one to turn the camera sideways to make something like "artsy"...but the way this one worked out, I had to just lay the camera on my seat and it just happened like that. The low angle helps to disguise it, though...

Again, thanks everyone...:)
the first is an interesting shot, i like it

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