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Dec 11, 2007
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I would like a random timer for a camera. Does such a thing exist?

I would like to have the availability to operate the shutter within a specific frame of time. Say, a few shots ramdomly exposed between two and seven seconds. Or between two seconds and a few hours. Something like this.

Any ideas?

Thank you.
You could rig a remote shutter on a cable, and then build one of those Lego robots. I believe they have a random number generator.
yeah you would have to use a microprocessor (basic stamp, or lego or whatever,) that can generate random number and code it and wire it so that it would expose for a certain amount of time based on the number (for example if number is even [divisible by 2] then expose for 2 seconds if odd expose for 7 seconds, or whatever)

that is how I would start going about it, or thinking about it
Thanks for your replies! It took a long time to check back in here after your initial suggestions, so I doubt anyone will still be reading this to hear my thanks.

In any case, that side of the project sort of got scratched. I also came up with idea of toys; seems fun.

Even though I didn't get any photographs this way, I still got some nice concept sketches of one of those stovetop-hatted "water drinking" redbirds tapping the shutter button with his nose.

Thanks again!

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