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Oct 19, 2006
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Toronto, ONT
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Yesterday wasn’t a great day for me, but I won’t go into details.

I sold my lights on ebay last week. I set up the collection and delivery on friday via paypal.

I asked them to collect the package from me on the 27/11/07 (which was yesterday) since me and were Swe at home. They didn’t give me any estimated time of arrival, which sucked… but hey.

Well Tuesday comes and we wait from 8am till gone 5pm and nobody has come to get the package. If you’ve ever tried to phone the parcelforce customer service line, you’ll know how crap they are. They just advise you to email them.

So I emailed them asking if they knew when the delivery was due and they responded (quite quickly I’ll give it them) that deliveries in my area were between 9 and 5. Great. It’s already been between 9 and 5 and I nobody came.

Well I had to go out at 5, but somebody was in the house anyway.

When I got back later in the evening they still hadn’t come. I tried to phone parcelforce again but the line was closed.

So, first thing this morning I phone parcel force takes me forever to go through options just to speak to somebody and even then it’s a catagory that has nothing to do with my problem. (all the others just say to email them).

Anyway, the lady appologised and asked for the tracking number.

I start to read it out and she says “oh”.

her:”Did you set up delivery via ebay/paypal?”

me”Yeh on Friday for collection….”

her:”Sorry, you’ll have to contact paypal.”

me:”What do you mean? I set up the delivery with you and nobody came”

her:”Yeh, but you have to contact paypal. Sorry. Thanks for your call”… bzzzzzzzzz

You gotta be kidding me!

So I try to call paypal, but they have no option for a customer query and I couldn’t get through to any operators through any other options. So I’ve emailed them.

No doubt their email turn around is going to be 24-48 hours.

This is ridiculous.

Wasted a day.

Will have to waste another day.

And I can’t appologise enough to the buyer of my lights.

Damn nab it!


PS: I also heard back yesterday from a job I went to an interview for and, again, I was unsuccessful due to more experienced people applying.Fair enough.
I don't envy the pressure your generation has to suffer . . . I have to admit I used to be envious of youth but nowdays i say "Thank God i am retired"

Good luck with the job hunt - you need more than luck to survive the delivery services!
You know what, I feel your pain, I have been having issues with postage and parcels for the last couple of weeks - I sold a book on amazon, posted it, got PROOF of postage, the buyer decided to tell amazon that they didnt receive it and so amazon took my money BACK and now i have no money or item and there sits the buyer with my item and money!! Bloody cheek if you ask me!! I was fuming and amazon took me emailing them FOUR times before they would answer me and their attitude was - the buyer MUST be right, they can have their moeny back and this is now closed. I'm like WTF??!!? So yeh, its apparently ok for people to buy items on amazon then claim not to get them and then get their money back and leave the seller with nothing.

mate that sucks big time!!!
hope it all turns good for you soon
PS: I also heard back yesterday from a job I went to an interview for and, again, I was unsuccessful due to more experienced people applying.Fair enough.

Have to say that if you're going about the search in the same way you go about your photography, it will all turn out sweet as a nut with a little patience.

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