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Feb 21, 2009
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:D well i am am beginner and i love taking photos of my animals (especially in action) and i am personally quite proud, but i just want to know what other people think, so here are a few of my photos. please tell me what i can do to improve my skills :)

#1 is out of focus

#2 you cut off his head...

these are kind just snap shots.. nothing overly great about them... keep working at it though.. the key with animal photography is making sure the eyes are in focus... and dont cut off heads...
No. 1 you seem to have focused on the paw to the left. As the previous poster said the eyes are the key.

No. 2 top of head is cut of and there's way to much foreground.

Also that pop up flash is doing you no favours here. Shadows are too hard and with no. 1 it looks like you've overexposed the forehead.

Try getting some shots of the dogs outside in daylight, keep plugging away and stick around - you can learn some really valuable stuff here

Welcome by the way.

You'll find your stay here very informative indeed. Just keep at it and don't take criticism too personally/harshly. Everyone here wants to help. I've learned tons of information in my short time here (although my Cro-Magnon type brain has yet to put all of the advice into good practice).

Good luck to you.
I see you used a Canon PowerShot SX100 IS to take theses shots. It's a decent Advanced P&S camera but as you can see it doesn't do too well when shooting indoors in low light. If you plan to continue taking pictures of your dogs indoors you might want to consider upgrading to a DSLR as they do much better in low light situations (with the right lens).

These shots are cute, but very noisy...and noise will degrade the clarity of a picture. You would get less noise shooting with a DSLR than you would with a Advanced P&S. Just something to think about.
1-It is out of focus and overexposed.
2-Badly composed, with too much of the foreground, and not enough of the dog.
Keep trying though.

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