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  1. Hi.

    I just joined the forums, and a quick search did not reveal a thread that could answer my questions.

    Santa was good to me, and got me a Canon D5 for Hannukah (at B&H no less!) Now I have the option to shoot in RAW and JPEG at the same time. I'm excited because too many times in the past I forgot to toggle back and forth between the two formats (on my D60) resulting in family shots in RAW and some personal art project being converted to JPEG inside the camera.

    I need two pointers:

    How do I import both data formats in a clear and managable way on to my computer,


    How do I then view and work with RAW once it's on my machine.

    I also got Photoshop CS2 (an upgrade for me from PS Elements 2) so I know I should technically be able to work with RAW - it just ain't particularly intuitive.

    I know the second part of the question is a mouthful, but any and all relevant advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    PS CS2 has a raw file editor, the latest minor revision has the drivers for Canon's newest cameras, but if you got a CD with an early release of CS2 you may need to download the drivers because the 5D came out after CS2

    I have used the dual format a few times with the 1D MIIn, it makes two separate files, It you use the download software from Canon it will create the storage folders and copy the files there or you could use a card read and copy then to your computer that way.

    As for editing a raw file you should be able to open it just as a normal file the raw editor will open, if it does not then you may need the drives, also there are some bugs fixs that may need done, i also just got also CS2, it seem to work fine without doing the fixs

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