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    Perhaps I’m out of the loop or something and this is old hat to you but, since I got my Nikon D-200 back in the beginning of January, I have been waiting for Raw Shooter 2006 to support the new D200’s NEF file format. I have been going to Pixmantec’s site for the last two months or so and clicking on the update area.

    To date it does not list anything newer then version 1.01 which was updated last in November of 2005 and still did not support the new NEF files.

    Well just today I went to the main site and noticed that the current version of Raw Shooter 2006 is currently ver. 1.02 so I immediately went to the update area and still only saw the above update from November.

    On their main page, there was a link to download the current version so I did so and what do you know, version 1.02 and was very pleased to discover that it support the new NEF format.

    I have no idea how long this version has been out but it would have been nice if they listed this update in their update area.

    So all of you Nikon D200 users who use Raw Shooter 2006, go and get it!


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