Raynox DCR-250 to fit Tamron 18-270 lens??


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Aug 25, 2008
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Hi, I'm thinking of buying a Raynox DCR-250 to have a go at some macro before investing in a good macro lens. I use a Tamron 18-270mm lens which takes a 72mm filter, so it would seem that this attachment won't fit. My question is, would this work with an adapter ring? Would there be a big difference in the image (too much vignetting etc.)? Should I can this idea altogether? Thanks for the advice
You will need a stepping ring to fit the raynox since its adaptor works between 52-67mm so a stepping ring down to 67mm should be fine. As for vignetting you shouldn't see any at all at the 270mm end of the lens (where the attachment will be giving you the most magnification it can on that lens). The 18mm end you might see some (I think it might start at around 50mm and get worse as the lens gets wider) but you won't be getting as much magnification at that end of the scale anyway so won't be as likely to use it there.

I've used mine on a 150mm which is 72mm front thread and never seen any vignetting at all (even used it down as far as 70mm on a 70mm prime).
Great! Thanks for your response, Overread. Excellent info. Much appreciated!
I have used my Raynox on a 77mm objective by putting into the hood... and it will stay there pretty well just from the pressure of the spring clamps on the inside of the hood. Not something I would recommend long term, but it does work.

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