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Razor sharp

Nice image. I remember my dad used to have an old, heavy duty razor of that style but w/o red tip.
Can't beat a good wet shave with brush, shaving soap and this style of safety razor. This is all I use (I have a couple of Merkur's). Can't be done with disposable razors or electric shavers.

As K says, nice photograph.

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wonderful product shots!
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Not so sure about the Tangerine Splash, a bit fruity for my tastes:D but another fine take of a proper mans shaving kit.
Maybe some bay rum instead?View attachment 202045

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I'm a teatotaller these days but aye, something with a bit more spice to it. Lovely.

Do you collect these things?
I do collect them. Some vintage some new.
I have a dozen or so shave soaps and aftershaves I rotate through.

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Brilliant hobby I must admit.

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