Rear curtain sync on a TLR? Timer? converter?


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Aug 27, 2007
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So the question... Is there any (easy)way to make a flash rear-curtain sync with my Yashica TLR, or any film camera that does not offer rear curtain, for that matter? For bulb exposures I could try using a stopwatch and manually triggering the strobe before closing the shutter, but that is a pita. But for short exposures of a second or so Its almost impossible to get right.

I have done a search, and come up with nothing. My only thought was to build a time delay circuit using a 555 timer, but this would require very fine tuned resistor and cap values, so it would not easily be variable, however It could be with multiple components sets on a switch, or made modular, and just swap components to give a predetermined time( ie, one module for 10sec, one for 5sec, one for 1sec, etc)

Anyone have any thoughts, or are there already solutions out there?

I can't really offer any help here, but I would like to express my interest in this. I also shoot with a Yashica TLR, and would be interested in finding out about something like this.
Cool, I'm going to order some parts and try to put together a time delay circuit, with a one second timer to start with. than I might try to make one with selectable timing. I'll post some pictures and whatnot when I get it done. I'm pretty busy with work right now, so don't expect anything too soon. should cost about $2 total, without a case or anything, and it should be pretty easy for anyone who can solder decently.

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