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Dec 28, 2007
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i got a rebel xt and already i hear rattling noises coming from the flash. and thats not it, the button to remove the cf card fell all the way in. the same thing happened to my friends xt when he first bought. y doesn't canon make there products more durable? has this happened to anyone else?
A lot of people have good luck with their XT's. It seems as though you've seen bad luck twice. Can you send back yours? Is it still under warranty?
Everyone's flash rattles I think. Mine does...and plenty of other people's do. It's not a big's not exactly going to break.

Also, have you popped the card in and out a few times to see what's up?
Though i only got my XT for Christmas a few days ago, it works perfectly..No rattling CF card spot works fine. I think what happened to you is just bad luck.
I have a rebel XT and it rattles also, but if i pop the flash up the rattle goes away... Is your rattle present only when the flash is down or is it present all the time?
I've used and abused my xt quite a issues.
odd.. yea i cant remove the card now because the button seems to be jammed. luckily i have a cannon repair center only 5 miles away from me. im going there tmro
my girlfriend got her xt like a year and a half ago and it still works perfectly. No rattling flash, cf card slot and button work fine. It's a great little camera. Sometimes cameras with imperfections make it out of the factory that's why they have a warranty.

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