rebel xti and canon speedlight flash. Have questions


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Nov 15, 2007
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Ok my main question is. If i use the speedlight flash will i be able to use a faster shuterspeed then the 1/250 that the xti is limited with the flash on the camera? Also should i get the speedlight 430ex or the canon 580ex II? What are the benifits of the 580 ex II over the 430ex. I know that the 580 has a little more range and also has the little bounce thin that pulls out. But what else?

I'm pretty sure flash sync is based entirely on the shutter and not the you wouldn't be able to increase your speed.
Feel free to correct me anyone.
You put the flash in Hi Speed sync mode and the camera in AV mode. This will allow shutter speeds higher than the 250. I have the 430 and it's a great flash.
Either of those flash units has a 'High Speed Sync' mode, which allows you to use flash at higher speeds. It does this by pulsing the light, rather than just one burst. The downside is that it reduces your range and eats up more battery power.

Both the 430 and the 580 are pretty good units. The 580 is more powerful and it has the built-in bounce card. The controls are easier to use because it has a wheel, while the 430 has some stupid crescent buttons that are hard to press.
The 580 II is weather sealed and built a bit better than the 430.

If you just want to use it for general 'family' type stuff, the 430 is more than capable. Obviously, the 580 is a better flash, but it's considerably more expensive.

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