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OMG, that shot of Vinnie grabbing the underwear is hilarious! He's clearly having a great time.

But the shot above it, of him in the hat, is a real standout to me. Perfect!

Sorry he moved away- it's hard to lose a close friend. :(

The back-lit, soft focus one of Jesseray just takes the cake - beautiful work there, Dan.

Great set! Happy New Year!
Thank you Terri. I really love that set of photos of Vinnie because I think that was the first time he truly showed his personality to the camera, and I loved being able to capture my friend's personality in photo. Also, you might notice a similarity between Vinnie and Jesseray; if you did, it's because they are cousins!
Dan.... Again, your work is impeccable.

Don't stop doing this, your a true master.

You'll prob. hear from him again and will have some fun with other shoots.
Thank you so much. I'll be going on a road trip with him from Portland Oregon to La Crosse Wisconsin, and we leave this Thursday.
That's a great set all round but the first image and the ninth image (your bowler hatted BF Vinnie) are stand outs for me. Really nice work.
Thank you so much John.
If these are yours start to finish, you did the editing as well you did an amazing job. The editing is flawless, simply flawless.
Thank you so much. I did in fact do all of the editing as well for these photos.

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