Recommend me a book - something with "follow along projects" please


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Jan 2, 2012
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Hi Everyone,

I'm still not ready to post shots for C&C. One day, soon...hopefully!

I'm really enjoying everything I am learning though, and feel ready to do some projects.

I am hoping that some of you might recommend me some books or even DVDs that would be useful. I am looking for a particular type/style of book/DVD that suits the way I learn best - which is Step by Steps to recreate a certain look. Almost like a recipe book I guess.

I learned to use Photoshop over a few years to a pretty good standard using these types of books (e.g. Photoshop Most Wanted). I learned to cook using these types of books (Nigella, Delia), so I was thinking I might be able to improve my camera skills and creativity using a similar "How to get this shot" type of learning.

I picked up a great magazine called "Digital Photo" (monthly magazine in the UK) that has 3 or 4 of these types of projects and I am looking forward to trying them out. But what about books/DVDs full of mini step by steps to recreating shots and effects with your camera? Any recommendations?

Many thanks!

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