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Oct 21, 2016
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I don't generally like typical music videos. I have been seeing them for years and there is very little that is new to me or even conceptually difficult. From a creator's perspective, live performances are more interesting.

For most of my own videos, I have only had "one chance to get it right" usually without even having seen a particular performance before. That can be exciting or frustrating. But the flip side is where you can "rehearse and rehearse" and still having things go wrong.

In recent years, I have watched a lot of Korean productions, both from the music industry and TV dramas. I cannot say that I am a great fan of all the Korean stuff I have seen. Some has been really good, but on the other hand, I don't like a lot of what I see. The first basic criticism I have is that they do not use enough tripods. I think this happens because they are rushed. It is faster just to handhold stuff. But the results can make me sea-sick.

Still, a lot of productions are pretty "gutsy". I have seen quite a few "magic" transitions and "tracking the talent" that have been very well done.
[2020-12-02 21:40 rewrote the first four paragraphs to make sense.]

I will post a couple of "live" clips here, and I hope to find some behind the scenes related vids for them. I found one of the latter so far, but I am looking for another. For this pair, I still don't know if they are "one take" live or "multi-take" live. You might doubt if the first one can be done in a single take. I think it could be done, but I still doubt that it was.
[2020-12-02 21:43 Having watched the "behind the scenes" clip again -- actually a few times now, it was clearly multi-take, and I think specifically at least three takes.]

As for cameras, clearly, if it was a "one take", then there were at least two cameras. I doubt that there were more than three at the most. Still, even with a "multi-take" production, I think they probably had two cameras. Anyway, have fun trying to figure it out.

"[IU] '시간의 바깥 (above the time)' Live Clip",
posted Nov 18, 2020 by "이지금 [IU Official]", [Length 5:05]

Here's a "behind the scenes" video. Unfortunately, it is focused on the performer rather than on the production, but you do get a glimpse of the camera work -- literally only a glimpse.

"[IU TV] The Curious Case Of IU",
posted Nov 26, 2020 by "이지금 [IU Official]" [Length 7:48]
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Here is the second "Live" performance.

[Following added 2020-12-02 22:00]
Again, the first question on my mind is "how many takes?" It looks like the "b-roll" was done earlier in the day, or on another day, because of the cloud cover. As for the main performance, assuming that it was all done in one day, then it looks to me like they did not have time for more than two takes at the most. The sun barely moved, and after about four minutes, there would have been a fairly visible difference.

How many cameras? If it was a single take, then I think it would have needed three cameras because there is a cut during the first verse with the sun jumping from right of the singer to the left, but both from a low angle. There was a lot done from on the upper level, and I don't think they had the operators running up and down the stairs, so that's the third.

In its own way, this looks just as ambitious as the first clip.

posted Nov 16, 2020 by "The K-POP" [Length 3:43]
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I have been looking into the "AKMU" (short for Akdong Musician) clip to see if there have been a "making" video, and I have not found one. In fact, I doubt if there will be one. I did find out its origin though:

"Opening of the 3rd Seoul Music Discovery: Poetic Seoul - Seoul Metropolitan Government"

Apparently this "3rd" live concert set is one of five. It is not all "Pop" style music. It was organized by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

"The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) held a special online concert on Fri, Nov. 13, 2020 to harmonize emotive music and literature at natural attractions and poetic spaces in Seoul where you can feel the deepening autumn.

At Haneul Park, AKMU showed their hit songs that match the season of autumn. . . ."

It seems to be a cultural event. It is not part of Akmu's productions, which are usually put out by YG Entertainment, nor is it part of a typical music show. YG might have sent a small crew to document it for Akmu, or not, but I am not expecting anything.

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