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Oct 21, 2016
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[Mainly About Royalty Free Music]

Something I know a bit about is the availability of "royalty free music" for YouTube. If you have not looked into this before, it is worth considering.

Unless you know otherwise about any particular music you might want to used for a video, you should start by assuming it is copy protected. At that point you can at least theoretically get in touch with the Copyright holder and get written permission to use it in your video. I tried that once and got no response. If you have a good lawyer(s), you can let them handle it.

The next possibility is to "barge ahead" and use the music and hope nobody minds. I don't recommend this approach. The result could be a YouTube "Copyright strike". The first time this happens will probably result in the music being removed in the video. I think you get notified about it. If it happens too often, then you could lose your YouTube account. I do not know what happens after that, but I believe you can start a new account from scratch. At the least, that can be very inconvenient depending on how many videos you already had in your account.

Beyond that, it is possible that a Copyright legal proceeding could get started by the Copyright owner. You might end up in court and might end up losing a lot of money.

However, YouTube has provided a convenient alternative to all the above. YouTube has made available "Royalty Free music". You can download music from their library that you can use for any of your videos that you upload to YouTube. The only catch in this case is that you might not have the right use it outside of YouTube. So if you create a video using it, then you cannot post it on your personal website, or any other competing service. If you want to use it "outside of YouTube", then I do not know how you get the rights. Most likely you need to get in touch with Google's legal team.

As for actually using YouTube's Royalty Free music. I have done it a few times now, and the main issue is "auditioning" the music. That is simply playing a number of tracks and finding music that fits your video. YouTube's library has some categories and the title, composer and length of the clips. But in the end you have to listen to a bunch and decided if you hear one you like for a given project. This can take hours, or days. Personally, I seem to average about two days of "auditioning" music and editing for a short (about 4 minute) clip.

The two clips I have linked here use YouTube Royalty Free music. This will give you some idea of the available quality:

"[UHD] 20200706 Toronto Kew Beach", "VidThreeNorth"
July 14, 2020, [2:02]

"221127 [UHD] Sunrise time lapse, Sony", "VidThreeNorth"
Feb 23, 2023, [4:40]

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