Recovering Minolta SRT-101


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Jul 1, 2015
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Hello everyone!

Anyone own a Minolta SRT-101? Has anyone ever replaced the leather covering the camera? I have really been wanting to recover the camera, although, the leather seems to be really hard. Is the "leather" around the camera actually leather? or is it some sort of imitation plastic?

Also, while I'm writing this thread.... While the dial under the camera, (for turning on the light meter) has anyone noticed that while looking through the viewfinder, if you Press the dial quickly (press it in) that the meter needle turns off? And when you depress the dial, the needle returns to normal? Is this normal on your SRT cameras?

I've owned a number of SRTs. I've never recovered one but I have re-glued the loose covering on them. I don't think the stuff is real leather. I think it's some kind of vinyl.
I have a SRT-101 and it doesn't seem that the 'leather' is actual leather. It's most likely a textured vinyl. If yours is beginning to lift around the edges, I would suggest a few dots of super glue. If you'd like to replace it completely, as Timor said, has custom, pre-cut panels for the SRTs for around $10-$45 depending on the material you choose.

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