Recreating photoshoot, need advice PLEASE!

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    Asking for help on this at a few different forums!

    Firstly, my whole school folio is centered around a fictional music artist and creating merchandise for her with my photos. My friend is modelling for all of the shots, I'm doing the styling (clothes, hair, makeup etc...), and attempting to create a similar costume.

    I'm looking to recreate this shoot of Britney Spears for her Onyx Hotel Tour book:
    Go Britney Spears Pics - HQ Scans - Britney Spears Official Onyx Hotel Tourbook Pictures
    Go Britney Spears Pics - HQ Scans - Britney Spears Official Onyx Hotel Tourbook Pictures

    Not necessarily every detail but I'd love to get the same mood and look. I can make it photoshop-heavy.

    I live in Melbourne Australia, there's plenty of botanical gardens in the city as well as public gardens, parks etc. I just wasn't sure whether or not it would be smart to do that especially seeing as I can't really do lighting there.

    An idea I had was to shoot in the studio, have her surrounded by a few fake plants (it wouldn't look too tacky, I wouldn't allow it!) and superimpose that over the top of another background shot. I'm not sure how great that'd turn out though?

    School's got lights, reflectors, filters and gels, and I'm pretty proficient in CS3. I've got a Canon EOS 40D so nothing too flash, although the school's got a bit of a higher quality camera I'm pretty sure. Should I maybe hire a different lens for my camera, if so any recommendations?

    And is there any advice re: lighting for either scenario? If I was to shoot in the garden directly, should I bring flash units or reflectors? In the studio, what gels/filters/directions of lighting etc?

    Also with camera settings I'm a bit lost in this scenario. If anyone can help me I'd be VERY grateful.


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