Livestreaming camera reccomendations please!


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Oct 18, 2011
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Glasgow, Scotland
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Hi all,

My daughter has decided she'd like to do some livestreaming of makeup tutorials and has asked for a camera for Christmas. I'm a stills guy, but have no knowledge of video let alone streaming! She's got a very basic camera knowledge, mostly with her phone (but dad will be on hand to help).

As it's for makeup, a zoom would be useful, so she can use short to medium telephoto focal lengths. A reversable screen would also be really handy so she could see while she shoots. I'd like to give her something she can grow a into if she decides she likes photography in general. She is currently a student at university, so unlikely to have cash to make any serious additions to her kit for a number years.

I'll also be looking to get her some starter lighting equipment, (probably a couple of continuous key lights, tripod, a reflector and a possibly a ring light), so budget for the camera I'm thinking I'd be comfortable around £300, though I could push it a little more if there was something ideal. Less I could spend a little more on lighting.

I'd really appreciate any advice!
So, I've watched some youtube videos about streaming and the consensus seems to be the Sony A5100 is a pretty great all round camera for streaming. I think it fits most of my parameters, and the 16-50mm lens looks to hit the mid-telephoto mark, though an 85mm f1.8 looks great but out of budget for this Christmas. The camera is out of budget with a lens, and a bit older but I'd prefer to spend an extra £100 and get something cracking. It's the camera I'd choose for me (though I'd buy it second hand if it was for myself).

Ah, well. Looks like the money I saved for an RTX3070 will go on the wean this year!
I've been looking at a lot of Youtube videos on mirrorless cameras (mainly Canon RP and R) and loads of them seem to be used for vlogging and stuff because the flippy, twisty screen is good for that apparently. Not within your budget so a pointless post I suppose but just thought I'd mention the mirrorless and flippy, twisty screen thing.:);)

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