Red Stag


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Mar 29, 2018
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Staffordshire England
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Nice photo, are Red Stags a game animal in UK?
Thanks guys, Deer are protected by the Deer Act 1991
Very nice shot, Jeff. I hope you didn't try to pet it like you see people on you tube trying to do with wild animals.
Is there a legal hunting season open to the public?
Different legislation covers different parts of the UK with regards to deer hunting.

Certainly here in Scotland, different species have different seasons. When the season is on you need permission from the landowner of the property on which the deer is to be shot. Shooting is the only method legally allowed, no dogs, bow and arrow, crossbow or traps etc.
At present in Scotland, anyone who can borrow an appropriate rifle and ammunition and get permission to shoot on a piece of ground
Not strictly true. There are several exemptions to that general circumstance. Roe deer are generally easier to get to shoot than reds.
I do not want to argue but your first answer was very wrong to Warhorse.......
None of it was wrong. We have different legislation to south of the border, reds have a different season from roes, permission needs to be given from the landowner (or his representative) to take (kill) and the exemptions to the method of hunting deer are as I listed. Trust me I have more than a little experience in the field both from a legal stand point as well as a practical and leisure aspect. There are of course certain scenarios that bodies (The Deer Commission for Scotland) to which other circumstance may apply but for the 'hunting' of deer as a pursuit that's it condensed.

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