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Mar 10, 2008
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Waxhaw, NC
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I'm going to order my 5Dmk2 this week and I need to replace my two cropped sensor only lenses. For my Sigma 10-20mm I have selected the Canon EF 17-40 f/4 L, but I'm having a little more difficulty finding a good substitute for my Sigma 18-200. This is my walk around lens and I really like the range and versatility it provides. It takes quite good pictures for a low cost lens. [FONT=&quot]

So I'm thinking the equivalent range for the full frame camera is 28-300. The only lens I found with this range is the Canon EF 28-300 f/3.5-5.6 L IS, but it is $2300 and is beyond my budget. I am leaning towards the Canon EF 70-300 f/4-5.6 IS, but I'm losing the low end of the range that I have with the 18-200.[/FONT]

I'm curious to know if you guys have any suggestions on this, particularly you full frame converts.
Yes, that seems to be a very popular lens, but I'm looking for a bit more range for a walkaround lens.
Doesn't a crap superzoom on a god-like body defeat the purpose even for walking around? I hated every moment I used the 18-200 on a D200. I can only imagine how horrid the pictures would look if I had all those extra megapixels to work with.

Oh the other issue is that a lens that is required to cover a larger sensor will also have a lot more glass in it. 18-200s are comfortable on cropped bodies, but if they were larger and heavier it would defeat their purpose as a walkabout lens. I say this in a general sense. I haven't actually looked at a full frame superzoom but something will give, either the image quality or the small size. We can't have it all.
Obviously, I'm looking for a better quality lens for my "godlike" camera. I guess I am spoiled by the range of the 18-200 and it doesn't look like I am going to find anything close to it without spending a small fortune. Maybe the 24-105 is the best option after all.
The 28-300L is a monster of a lens, but it is pretty much your only option in terms of a walkaround lens on your 5dm2. I would drop the whole superzoom mentality and get some quality class, even if it means swapping lens now and then.
Yea, I'm quickly coming to that conclusion. Aside from the price, the 28-300L weighs 3.7lbs. That's more of a lug around than a walk around.

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