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Oct 31, 2007
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Does anybody know of an online source for camera parts?
Websites that have detailed parts lists for different cameras would be good too.

I'm looking for Canon LCD screens specifically. I'd rather not use e-bay.

The warranty is up on my cameras, and I need 2 LCD screens. I'm pretty sure I could do the installation myself if I could just find the parts I need.

Are you sure? Doing the installation yourself was an option back before the days of surface mount microelectronics. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the LCD is soldered to a board with the pins underneath, in which case you'd need to bake it off which is not something I recommend for sensitive components.

Mind you I have no idea really I am just thinking this from the point of view of how absolutely crammed the modern SLR is full of circuit boards. It hardly leaves space for a plug in LCD.

If it's broken I think it'd be best to send them to canon.
Hmm... I was hoping it just plugged in.

Almost everything I found dealt with IR mods, couldn't find much showing the LCD (or even what p/n it is).

Looks like I'll just have to send 'em in. Hopefully it won't be too expensive...

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