Reportage - Municipal dump in Campina Grande (state of Paraíba, Brazil).

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    Municipal dump in Campina Grande (state of Paraíba, Brazil). People
    working in here deal with ,, recycling ". They pull out from the
    garbage everything they can. Paper, glass, metal.... Then they sell
    it per kilo. They are paid 0,12 R$ ( 0,05 euro) per kilogram of
    plastic. Stink, dirt, poverty. Waiting for next trucks with garbage
    is a part of their life here. Small, provisionally bulit ,,houses" made
    of anything they can find here - foil, plastic, wood, some scrap of
    metal sheet. In the time of rain or heat they serve as a shelter.
    People in here? They do not look unhappy. They smile. They work they
    carry out is not an easy one. But they profoundly believe in God. ,,He
    will take care of us". Most of them is illiterate. They are born here
    and they die in this place. They do not know other life. Only a few
    people attend nearby school, lead by missionaries. They do not feel
    such need. ,,Is it going to change our life anyhow?" They just live
    from day to day.
    Wonder, why are so many people in westarn countries depressed? They
    have everything. The Dump People have nothing; but perhaps they have a
    beliefs, friendships, the feeling of belonging to a community. The
    welthiness tends to isolate people. They are just richer and richer,
    surrounded by lots of things (houses, cars, equipment, etc.), they
    tend to play with it and lose true relations with other people?

    Look at all these pictres:

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    Can others edit my Photos:
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    The one of the dog is just heart breaking :(
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    nice subject.. your pictures are nice as well. You should try and take your best 5 or 10 and post it in your post so we don't have to follow the links.


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