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Chris Stegner

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Dec 27, 2007
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I just joined and have posted an image in the General Gallery. I'm a bit confused on how to see the responses to my post. Is there a way to view all my posts? Or get to my post without doing a search on my name? There are many posts and to find mine the next day or even later the same day I have to look through a bunch of more recent posts. I enjoy looking through the posts and seeing other's work, but sometimes I just want to jump on and see if I have any responses.
you can browse all threads you submitted. go to quick link and then my profile... there click on your recent threads list :)
The easiest way is to set up automatic subscriptions. Click on to "User CP" on the top left, and then goto "Edit Options" on the left. You'll see a box that says, "Default Thread Subscription Mode". Here you can choose if you'd like to subscribe to your posts, and how you'd like to be informed. I have mine set to "No email notification". I automatically subscribe to any posts that I start or reply to. It does not email me, but keeps track of them, and if I click on my User CP, I get a list of them. I have my bookmark to this site setup to take me directly to my User CP and show me my subscriptions first.
Or if you subscribed to the thread, when you click on the 'user cp' button on the top left of the toolbar the thread will be listed if anyone has responded to it that day

Edit: While I was typing my response, Digital Matt gave a more thorough explanation of the same thing.
Of course, there needs to be responses for the nifty stuff to work.

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