Retired Bus


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Apr 27, 2006
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Rock Hill, SC
Very interesting photo. I think it would look even more intersesting in B&W though.
i like the colour version, myself. the grass and the green paint on the bus really compliment each other. good shot.
The tones of the colour work very well with just the whole feel of this photo. I do like the black and white quite well, but I do think the colour edges a head on this one.
Hehe, I thought you were talking about "The Bus" Jerome Bettis of Pittsburgh Steelers :)

But this is a great picture too :D
While oftentimes a b+w (sepia toned?) version of something this old is good, I really like the colour version of this one here ... and I like that you walked up this close to your subject and filled the entire frame with it, focusing on some details and lines, colours and shapes. I really like your photos, D70girl. All three of those I am seeing this morning!!!

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