Retouching lessons - videos?

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  1. Hi all.

    I need help learning how to do retouching, and I don't have a competent teacher... so I was thinking of getting some videos.

    Any recommendations?

    What about Nick Saglimbeni? He advertises here on our Forum. Anyone have any experience with his product?

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    A NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) membership is just $99 a year for an Int'l membership that includes digital copies of their magazine ($199 if you want hard copies of the magazine) plus they have a couple thousand photoshop tutorials, 8 issues of Photoshop User magazine a year, and a forum frequented by some of the worlds leading Photoshop experts. If that wasn't all, they also have discounts on other software like Photomatix Pro, and others. is:
    Monthly - $25/month No long term commitment.Monthly Premium - $37.50/month Includes exercise files.Annual - $250/year Save $50 off the Monthly price.Premium - $375/year Includes exercise files. Save $75 off the Monthly Premium price!

  3. Thanks, I will take a closer look. The video thing is really important to me... I spend so much time reading on a computer for work that I prefer to learn things like this through a person or a course. I haven't found anyone in Berlin, so I am forced to turn to videos.

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