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May 7, 2014
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Hey all,

After a few months off from photography (studies for my IT Certs), my cousin asked if I could take some shots of him for his producing portfolio and social sites. Eager to use my lights and start really practicing I agreed.

The whole experience was really fun. I've always avoided taking pictures of people because, always shooting manual, trying to learn, I'd take a it, "Hold on just one sec, let me change this" and shoot again. You get the feeling some people just one a quick snap and off they go. It's understandable. Shooting somebody who wants their photo taken is different. And at the end it felt extremely rewarding. I was nervous because I wanted to do well by my cousin.

We sat down. Discussed what he wanted, what I thought would look good and then went from there. These were taken in my limited space flat, so I made do with the white wall I have.

After the shots were taken, we sat down. Selected around 20 he liked and I worked on two with him. The rest, I will work on when I get some more free time.

As always, I love to return here to show you guys and girls my work. Please do let me know what you think, let me know what I did wrong and what I should improve on.



Thanks guys.

Steve :)
Why do these shots look posterized?
Could it be because the clarity is bumped up? I adjusted it, and he like it when he sat next to me and asked me to keep it that way.
I think your flash could be turned down (lower power) some.
Thanks man. I was trying to emphasize the whole, light on one side, shadow(ish) on the other. You're right though, should of turned it down.

Not bad for a second go at flash though right?...right?
Not bad for a second go, no. Looking at these, it seems to me that your light is either too far away, or not sufficiently diffused. How far away were your lights, and what (if any) modifier was used?
The one flash I used was up to the top right of the subject (in the picture of him sitting down) I'd say it was about 4 foot away. The other picture the flash was directly above him off to the right too. The only mod I have (and used) is an umbrella that acts as a reflector (silver inside)

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As always, when posting to this kind of forum, I always pick up on peoples comments and try to research them. I think I know understand that using a silver reflective light on a single subject is probably too much, especially at close range. I've been reading that professionals tend to use that kind of umbrella for more group shots, and from around 12 feet away.

So I've been looking around, as I certainly will be taking more solo shots, I should probably get a shoot through umbrella. My reflective is 100cm (40") so I thought I would stick to that.

This looks fine right?,160_&refRID=19FQ4W4RK1TWK7RXSVVM

Cheers all.


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