Revolution Is Red ???


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Oct 17, 2010
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Calicut, Kerala,India
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Human Evolution is also the story of Revolutions of which some are bloody some are not. Study of humanity is invariably the study of Revolutions too....
But True Revolution is always within.....



#4( This must be the capitalist)




Are your Eyes sore?

Please let me know what do you feel

Where is this? Looks like a Karl Marx museum?

I think for most westerners these symbols bring negative feelings, cold war attitudes long embedded into or cultures.
Hi Trever,
That was not from museum; that from my home town, where a party congress soon to take place. In India Marxism has strong hold only in three states. They are West Bengal, Kerala( my state) and Manipur. In West Bengal they were in power for nearly 20 years; in the last election they lost it; In Kerala, no party is allowed to rule for two successive tenures; you know why? five years give the ruling people sufficient time to commit enough mistakes so that voters think of better option ;) . Personally i am never into any sort of party politics. :D My interest is fully photographical ;)

Regards :D
Interesting! We limit our presidency to a maximum of 2 consecutive terms....for similar reasons ;)

I find your photographs intriguing and educational ;)

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