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Jun 3, 2008
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I'm a rookie but ...

If you were able to take the same photo at a different time of day, I think it would be much better.

The exposure on the right is blown out some what, and you have no light on the left.
It looks like there is some nice colors there in the stones, but I'm not sure you have your subject well defined. Maybe have more of the river, in the whole forgroung and not as much of the bank on the left. ?


Mersad, thanks.

Guido, I understand your point about the lighting. I liked having both bright and shadowy areas. It was difficult to bring them together into a satisfying whole, though.
Awesome! I saw that and instantly knew it was Arizona. Where did you take this? Looks like a nice place for a camping trip.
timethief, Reece Man, kundalini, thanks very much for the comments. It's a great place for camping and hiking. This is on the Agua Fria River, maybe sixty miles north of Phoenix. It's about a forty-minute walk from the nearest road so it helps to have a light tripod. There are lots of petroglyphs. Reportedly there are a lot of ruins up on the surrounding mesa but I haven't mustered the energy to climb it yet.

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