Road to Perdition


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Jul 30, 2010
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Here's the unedited JPEG:

I was inspired by Sam Mendes's film Road to Perdition.

The fact that I love that movie makes this image even more enjoyable. Well done.
Oh yes, I like the colouring you went for in your edit! Makes the Road to Perdition look even more ominous. The air sometimes looks that colour when there's a storm brewing. Very nice. It is rare for me to really like severe changes of the colour, but your edit is the exception to the "rule".
Thanks guys! I guess I only got the nice ones from this forum looking at my pictures! I was expecting harsh criticism, and I still welcome it.

PerfectlyFlawed, it's pretty neat that you felt this photo reminded you of a film, as it turns out that it was.

DirtyDFeckers, I love this movie as well. I'm glad i did another fan proud! :)

Dan, my intent was to make it an antique look to go along with the film. Thanks.

LaFoto, the movie is pretty ominous, so i'm glad the colour editing worked. I was thinking the same that the change in color may have been too severe, but I'm relieved that you find this one an exception. It always feels great when you don't play by the rules and yet your work is accepted! =)

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