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Mar 15, 2005
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San Francisco
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I met Robert while photographing some bombing (grafitti) sites underneath railway overpasses. He's 37yrs old, from Kinston, NC. I've run into him a few times. He was completely lucid during all of our run-ins (including this shot), except for once when he was completely wasted, and insisted that he was jesus christ reincarnate before hitting me up for a cigarette and a few bucks.


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If this isn't a real and true and good portrait of Robert, then I don't know what photo would be that, so I think it belongs into the Portrait and Wedding Forum.
i like the BG and blues. he does seem as ease with you...nice capture.

the large print is distracting. i have to concentrate on seeing beyond it.

LaFoto said:
so I think it belongs into the Portrait and Wedding Forum.

maybe they should change the name of this section to "people"
Sorry if the large print is distracting. My non-watermarked images are on a password-protected section of my website that I can't hotlink to.
Great lighting and colors in this shot. Very nicely done!
I love the grit and naturalness of this photo! Shots like these are my absolute favorite and I thank you for sharing this! Love the "background story" on this photo as well.

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