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Mar 28, 2006
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A friend of mine has a coffee-table book of Lough prints and Wow! They are beautiful, at least to my untutored eye. I see that I can purchase prints, as cheap as $40 for an 11x14. I might do this or get them as presents. But anyone else know his work? How would you describe it, or put it in perspective?

I can also see that some people might not like them.. there's a certain style or taste to them, and I'm sure at least one person in the world has a stylistic disagreement. But at my nough-bee level they are just beautiful.

Hey for that matter, anyone recommend other professional landscape /nature artisits where I could order a print, say < $100 (I'm interested in giving gifts and putting stuff on my wall at work, but I'm not a serious collector).

He's a nature and outdoorsy kind of photographer. Looking at his site and images, he's very good at it. It looks like he's now beginning to enjoy his rising popularity and is getting rather clever at release restriction to hike his prices up, so I'd say, snap one up now at that price if you like him.

If you like him, I suspect you'll like Ansel Adams as well. Have a look for him on the internet.

He has just released a new coffee table book. I have seen it. it's stunning. You'll have to get your own copy, because you cant have mine. ;-)
If you're looking to put artistic photography on your walls, you should try to hit up some local art shows. Especially if you have a college in your area, you can get prints rather inexpensively for student artists.

My mother used to work juried art shows - there's a lot of great original art out there.

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