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Mar 10, 2009
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Hi friends,

Came back after a long absence, for which I'm sorry.

I'll start again with this one which was more an experiment of BW conversion:


Tell me what you think
To my mind, the experiment works! Good contrasts. I like. I'd like it even better if the window on the far right were all inside the reame, too, but then I also see that you went for the roof and symmetry of those windows, and the top floor windows don't quite go with that...!
Where did you find this house, with this roof and these window ornaments?
Thank you. I'm glad you like

About the windows from bellow: well I saw the unsymmetry with the roof ... first i thought is lens deformation or position ... but it was built like this ... strange

The house is in Sibiu the main city in center Romania. Is actually located in the central square of the historical center. Very beautiful. Seeing you are from Germany I can tell you that this city has also a german name due to its german founders : Hermannstadt.

See you
Oh, I have sure heard about Hermannstadt before, and I guess some of the architecture still reflects its former inhabitants, such as this house does, it sure features some elements that you would find on houses in south Germany, which is why I asked! :D So you are in Romania! Now I see! :D
cool house - i like the composition
i might have cropped out a bit of the sky and straightened the house a bit.. but just my opinion.
neat shot though - great contrasts!
:D So you are in Romania! Now I see! :D
Yes :blushing:, and this city is my favorite among all our cities. I liked it from the first instant...It was love at first sight.... :lovey:

Thx for comment wooji

i might have cropped out a bit of the sky and straightened the house a bit..

:scratch: ... is not a bad idea. Thank you. Maybe like this: ???


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