a girl, a car, and some rain


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Mar 25, 2008
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Waukegan il
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3 random b & w pictures i did. i really like black and white and hope to improve my technique

any thoughts?

the rain:

the girl:

the car:
LOL before I clicked, I pictured in my head all three in one "a girl, a car, and some rain" and had a totally different image.
1st one is my fave of the 3 although i do enjoy the car in b&w, nice
i really like the created atmosphere in the first one... spooky and cozy at the same time.
nicely done
Hi T4,

Catchy title for the set..

The second photo has to be my favourite from the set followed by number 1.

The shot of the car doesn't do much for me for a few reasons.

The first is interesting. I like shots taken in the rain at night and scratch my head in wonder how alot of them are executed without ruining your camera. (Maybe you could enlighten me on your technique.) If you could loose the streetlight flare - i think it could improve the shot - otherwise i like it.

Hope this helps,
so is the flare on the light typically an undesirable thing? i actually like how it looks along with the water droplets. thank you for pointing that out tho :)

as for shooting in the rain, i don't usually do that 'cause i like my camera to keep working lol
it was raining hard right b4 this shot, and it let up to a light light sprinkling/mist, so i jumped out and took like 5 shots of this.

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