Round Leafed Sundew


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Jan 7, 2019
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When I showed those carnivorous plant photos yesterday, the tiny Round leafed Sundews were hard to see. They are such pretty and unusual looking plants that I went out and rectified that error today. The plants shown are growing in a local peat bog intermixed with the Spaghnum Moss. Folks here from the UK are probably more familiar with the plant than U.S. types. Those glistening droplets are extremely sticky, and when an insect touches one it's trapped. Eventually the whole leaf wraps around, and
it gets digested
Our world is extremely interesting when we slow down and look. I think I have finally gotten that message through my wife’s head😛 It used to be a race for her when we’d go kayaking. Now she actually sees wildlife.
Nice shot of a most interesting plant ...... glad I'm not an insect.
I know there are some near me but I've yet to locate them.

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