The carnivorous Sundew

Joel Bolden

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Sep 2, 2020
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Stormstown, Pennsylvania
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We have 3 different species of carnivorous plants that reside at our local bog(among other places), but to me the tiny Round Leafed Sundew is the most interesting. Insects are drawn to the glistening, sticky droplets on the red hairs and get stuck. The hairs then close around it and hold it against the pad where it's nutrients are sucked out of it. Looks like an alien landscape on an unfriendly distant planet.
I find carnivorous plants very creepy, nice shots.....
Mrs weepete took a fancy to some carniverous plants last year, and bought a monkey cup and a venus fly trap. We both got a bit facinated by them, so I got her a nursery earlier this year. Currently we've got 5 venus fly traps (with some being the B52 variety). A couple of North American pitcher plants, some small Austrailian pitcher plants, a couple of pings which are great for catching small flies, a couple of Australian sundews, and some native UK round leaf sundews too. Been meaning to try and photograph them myself, so these look great!

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